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Fall Maintenance Tips

The dog days of summer will soon transition into the beginning of fall. With the change of the seasons comes a need to service your car to prepare it for the unique conditions of autumn. These practical and handy maintenance tips will make sure your vehicle is ready for every last autumn road trip and weekend getaway.

Check brakes and tires

This is a universal and timeless tip you should always keep in mind when servicing your vehicle. Heavy precipitation in summer and all the miles driven for vacations can put some serious wear and tear on your vehicle’s brakes. The lower temperatures of fall will also lower your tire pressure, so be sure you are at the required PSI.


Check coolant level

Summer heat means your coolant system has been working overtime. Check your antifreeze reserves and ensure that you have enough coolant for the fall. Keep in mind that GM vehicles use a special coolant called Dex-Cool, which shouldn’t be mixed with traditional antifreeze.



Check battery

Cooler weather means you need a fully charged battery to start your car. Have your battery checked by a technician to ensure that you won’t be stranded in the cold with a car that won’t start.



Replace wiper blades

Many areas of the country saw record rains this summer. Windshield wipers were put to the test and it might be time for you to replace your blades for the fall. Visibility is crucial; if your wipers aren’t flexible and aren’t clearing your windshield, have them replaced.



Check heater and defroster

The heater is barely needed throughout the summer. Checking it will ensure that you won’t find yourself stuck in a cold car on a chilly autumn night. Foggy windows are dangerous in both the front and the back. Along these lines, check your air filter. You’ll know it’s time for a replacement if you can’t see light through it when held up to a 60-watt bulb.